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Eves Herbal
Eves Fruit Care:

An 100% soap free foaming natural face cleanser which cleanses without dehydrating the skin. Made from the extracts of fruit like apple, orange and pomegranate, this cleanser is ideal for all skin types. Its application-removed microbes, pollutants and dirt particles without making your skin feel to dry to be used daily, without diluting, in place of soap.

Eves Honey Dew:
Is deep pore cleansing milk specially, formulated to reach deep skin pores to clean and remove dead cells & black heads. Specially effective on tender areas under the eyes. Made from rose, sandalwood & honey, it gives a glowing look. Good for oily skin also.
Eves Cucumber Essence:
Is a multi- purpose cooling skin tonic made from the extracts of cucumber, garden mint, citrus and pineapple. Cucumber gives a cooling effect, takes care of excessive oil and reduces enlarged pores. Ideal for normal to oily skin types.

Eves Morning Care:

Is a non- - greasy, all-purpose moisturing lotion made from honey, wheat germ and other herbal extracts. It protects the skin from external irritants leaving the skin soft and supple. Ideal for all skin types. This moisturising lotion is also available with SPF-15.

Eves Protein Cream:
A skin nourishing cream made from protein rich oils, fruit & vegetables extracts. Highly effective for dull skin, for rejuvenation & transforming it to a radiant glowing skin.

Eves Fruit Cream:
This is an ant wrinkle massage cream made from fruit juices, fruit pulp, essential herbs, olive oil, almond oil & rose oil it provides complete nourishment to the face 7 imparts long & lasting glow & clears wrinkles.

Eves Floral Cream:
A special facial cream with floral extracts of lily, jasmine, rose, thyme, marigold, essential oils and rare herbs revitalises , nourishes & protects the skin, adds firmness & elasticity, makes skin soft, smooth & glowing.

Eves Veg Cream:
Is a nourishing skin rejuvenator made from vegetable extracts: clears face wrinkles & brings smoothness with radiant glow. This special face massage cream provides nourishment and vitamins to the skin.

Eves Almond Cream:
Is a rich blend of saffron, almond, pista and nyetanthes. It an effective daytime moisturing cream that nourishes protects rejuvenates and prevents premature ageing. It allows the skin to breathe as it is quickly absorbed. Suitable for all skin types.

Eves Aloevera Cream:
A unique facial cream with aloevera, peach,
herbal products
valuable herbs & essential oils imparts glow improves dullness and makes skin and improves texture. Aloevera cream is also available with SPF-15

Eves Germ Wheat Massage Cream:
Is a special facial massage cream naturally blended with extracts of wheat germ, thyme and dandelion, gives firmness and elasticity to the skin and helps counteract ageing factors, specially formulated for dry, dehydrated and mature skin types.

Eves AntiPimple Acne Pack:
Is a very effective face pack made from the extracts of clove, nutmeg and sandalwood, which deep cleanses, purifies the skin and help keep sebaceous secretions normal. The synergistic action of this gives excellent results. A boon for acne and pimple treatment.

Eves Veg Pack:
Is a specially formulated pack containing the effectiveness of thyme, vegetable extracts, babul and cucumber. It helps in making the skin smooth and soft. Controls blemishes blackheads and whiteheads, making your skin glow like a bride.

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